New York Adventure - February 5-8, 2015

Flew in just in time to watch the sunset over the empire. 


Cuban style Breakfast at Tiffany's... instead of a a basic croissant and coffee, we did empanadas and fried plantains. Proper.

Rockefeller Center and some kisses... Kinda love this little lady.

Had a quick bite at Ramen Setagaya just to warm up. 

A 'Fool's Rush In' style dessert. Papaya King, the best Hot Dogs in New York!

Neat little board game shop on the way to the Empire State building.

Celebrating and early Valentine's Day at the Empire State Building, 'Sleepless in Seattle' style.

Dinner  at Bauhaus and ordered Chairman Bao (Pork Belly), Bird Haus (fried chicken), and some delicious Taro Fries. #FoodPorn!

A couple things reminiscent of Downtown Las Vegas.

A traditional Costa Rican breakfast at home.

Some of the best chicken I've ever had.. Peaches' Hot Chicken is definitely a must have in Bedford-Stuyvesant.


Arranged a night's stay in a very cool spot in Bed-Stuy via AirBnB. This place awesome. A coffee shop downstairs, close to the bus stops and walking distance from some great eateries. Not to mention, the home of Notorious B.I.G.!

After a long day of wandering... We might as well enjoy New York's finest delicacy... PIZZA!

Our last stop was Brooklyn Bridge Park. This view has been seen in many movies, we just had to poser for a couple shots despite the snow!