The Golden Tiki - Las Vegas - September 1, 2015

Some tasty Tiki Drinks are to be had at this new establishment in Las Vegas' Chinatown... and maybe a little booty, too!

Upon entering you're blasted with a rush of cold air and a stale scent reminiscent of the Disney theme park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. You're then greeted with a mighty, 'Yo-Ho!' and funneled into a dock-side, tiki bar. I wouldn't put it past the props department at Disney making note of some missing treasured assets from Jungle Cruise, either. The meticulous attention to detail here was spot on for a Vegas themed bar. The vibe was great, the tunes were surfing, and the drinks were stiff.

Bang for the buck, you're looking at around $11 per drink. A 'whopping' $3 bump from my favorite dirty dive, Frankie's Tiki Room. But, well worth it, since the air pollution won't linger on with you for day or two. Great ambiance and great drinks. I'll make my way there again and take a look at their Tiki mugs ($29) to start adding to my collection.

Pictured below are some tasty cocktails that were had:
Hotel Nacional, Kalani's Sunrise and a Polynesian Haze.