Testimonial 06

"I had the pleasure of hiring David at Hello Fearless to head up our creative team where he was responsible for the creative concepting and brand development for our entire company rebrand, as well as creating all of the brand identity for future products and programs. He was our very first hire, and we knew instantly that we had struck the jackpot. David's breadth of knowledge based on his extensive agency + consulting background across all digital and non-digital mediums is unmatched -- not to mention his ability to think strategically as it relates to all of the design elements that support massive, integrated marketing campaigns. He's a kind, dependable, resourceful team player who has the capacity to not only lead teams (including copy, media production, etc.), but also not above executing any task assigned on time and beyond expectations. In addition, whether it's learning new digital tools & platforms, industries, collaborations and more, he very quickly adapts and is enthusiastically up for any challenge. Super grateful for his contributions, work and our time together, and would highly recommend him for any agency or company who desires a genuine, high-level creative with amazing energy!"

Manager, Sara Davidson
Founder + CEO for Hello Fearless
Austin, TX, 2018

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Testimonial 05

"I loved working with David! He was extremely talented and brought a lot of previous experience to our team. He was SUPER organized and always delivered on time. I would highly recommend him to friends and clients!"

Manager, Jackie Untermeyer
Business Operations Manager for Hello Fearless
Austin, TX, 2018

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Testimonial 01

"Based on my experience, David would make a solid art/creative director. David does a phenomenal job at articulating design needs to stakeholders and non-designers. He is able to easily bridge the gap between the business world and art. David's personality is infectious and about all else his sincerity makes you a champion of his work."

Mentor, Danielle Bechtel
VP Global Brand Management for A Cloud Guru
Austin, TX, 2018

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Testimonial 02

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like David. I had the pleasure of working with David at two separate agencies and alway's had a great time working with him. From unconventional brainstorms at local coffee shops to full blown productions, David always strived to go above and beyond. As a manager, he was very organized and thorough, managing all projects and jobs for the creative team. David's ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a big difference in the productivity level of our team and inspired myself to learn as much from him as possible. No matter how stressful a project got, David made sure everyone left with a smile or a laugh. As a co-worker and friend, David earns my highest recommendation!”

Subordinate, Billy Tautua’a
Graphic Designer for Reflex Media Inc.
Las Vegas, NV, 2017

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Testimonial 03

"During his time at Braintrust, David had a unique ability to bring people together with his witty comments, love of Journey and passion for his craft. He always came into work with an ambitious attitude and never hesitated to execute the tough requests bestowed upon him. We had a tough week where a handful of RFP's came our way and both the creative director and I felt he could handle leading a team. It was clear he was able to guide the group successfully as their presentation was great and everyone genuinely was excited with their collective work.

Advertising life can be tough but David helped make it a bit easier by being a dynamic member of the creative team. Plus, being a fellow foodie made us fast friends as we discussed new places to try. I can definitely say that his combination of talent and friendly charm makes him a winning candidate for any agency."

Manager, Anne Tso
Senior Art Director for BRAINTRUST Agency
Las Vegas, NV, 2015

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Testimonial 04

"David is truly a "Jack of all trades." He helped oversee design implementation and User X for the initial launches of UNLOKT. He discussed and thoroughly laid out major trends before they became "trends". His organization, leadership, willingness to learn and overall attitude puts him at the forefront in his field. He has a particular "no bullshit" mentality and will take your product, company &/or idea to the level it deserves. Highly recommend!"

Client, Drew Belcher
Co-Founder / Managing Partner for UNLOKT
Las Vegas, NV, 2015

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